Bio (English)

Ruben Melendez Montes de Oca
Industrial Designer from Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile. He also is a Student of a Master (Ms. Tech) of  Technology Management at Universidad de Talca, Chile.

12 years of experience in products and mechanical design and work experience in Teaching in Desing’s area, Computer Assistant Desing (CAD) and production processes, He has a 3D modeling special experience. Web Development, technical Ilustrations, Concept Sketching and Products Design,  and “aspiring conference speaker” XD.

Projects: Baudiolabs,  baudio,  Innocua (arts and crafts) and rancaguaurbano (urban weblog). Social Innovation (Finalist at Energy efficience and poduct process improves at austral chilean zone projects).

Interest: Interaction, Web Design, Concept Sketching, Product Design (vehicles, objects, crafts), Web Desing. Crafts Production, Ventures, DIY.

  • Education:

2012 University of California Davis
Magister internship and attendance to workshop “UC Entrepreneurship Academy“. September, 2012. (Student bios)

2011 – 2012 University of Talca, Santiago
(student) Master (Ms.Tech) of Technology Management, 2011 – 2012.
Scholarship of the Mecesup 2 Program

2007 – 2008  University of Lagos, Rancagua
Informatics Engineering (2 semester)

2003 University of Valparaiso, Valparaíso.
Industrial Designer, mention on Products. 2003
Academic Degree – Bachelor of Design Year 2003.

1996 Instituto O´Higgins, Hermanos Maristas, Rancagua.
Licence of High School Education.

  • Experience

2011 – 2014 Alma/ITS, Instructional Designer, Design Courses and Media for e-learning.

2011 – 2014 ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions, Mechanical Designer, Design Prototyping and 3D models for mechanical systems development for mineral transport.

2008-2011 JRI  / COPRIM Engineering, Industrial Designer, mechanical equipment design and 3Dsimulation for mining projects and processes, 3D prototypes for pyrometallurgical plant development.

2006 – 2008  Inzamac, Industrial Designer, 3D modelling for structural design and development of Digital Animation for process simulation.

2006 INCOLUR Technical Analyst. Control Document .

2005 Ripley Company, Industrial Designer, Visual Merchandising Supervisor. Build, Corners. Lay out shopping.

2004 – 2005 Urbe Architects, Junior Designer, Design 3d models and illustrations for Architecture and Urbanism projects. Brochure design and artwork.

  • Academic Positions

2010 – 2011 Instituto Profesional Arturo Prat
Professor of “3D design and animation,” Technical career in Multimedia Design.
Teacher Guide Multimedia Design Seminar.

2007 – 2009 AIEP Institute, Rancagua Headquarters.
Professor of Graphics Computer and 3D Web, Graphic Design School.

2007 University of Los Lagos, Rancagua Headquarters
Professor “Computer Aided Design”, Engineering Risk Prevention

1999 – 2002 University of Valparaiso, Valparaiso.
Assistant “Production Processes I, Mention Products”, Professor Juan Ciorba.
Assistant “Design Workshop I, Mention Products”, Professor Juan Ciorba.

  • Independent projects

2004 – 2012 Development / Web Site Administration
2006 – 2012 Personal Editorial Projects
1999 – 2012 Development of Models, 3D Animation, Illustration Projects, Product Development engineering companies, agribusiness, shipbuilding, manufacturing.

  • Seminars, Courses and Workshops.

Regular attendance to Meet-Up of Innovation and entrepreneurship Movistar Innova and chats Do Future PUC. 2011-2012.

Workshop “Arduino Programming”. Santiago MakerSpace, Santiago, February 2013.

Course “Introduction to Processing”. Open Course, Santiago, March 2012.

Course “Programming with Advanced Sensors, Engines and Transmission RF”. Rambal Industrial and Robotics Automation, February 2012.

Conference “Improving the Web”, Santiago, December 2011.

Course “Autodesk Inventor”, Comgrap, Santiago, July 2011.

Winter Course “PDMS – Equipment and Draft”. JRI Ingeniería, Santiago, June 2011.

Chat “Thermic Solar Systems”. Premier Training. Santiago, February 2011.

Encounter “Latin Flash Tour 2010”. MMUG-Chile y Adobe. Santiago, November 8, 2010.

Workshop “Introduction to Visualization of data and Architecture of Information”. Cultural Center of Spain, August 2010.

Course “Industrial Automation and Programming of Autonomous Robotics Systems” Rambal Industrial and Robotics Automation, June 2010.

Coffee break “Transference Prices and its implications in Chile”. Universidad de Chile, June 2010.

Coffee break “Analytical Business: The value of the Information and its effect in taking of Complex decissions”. Universidad de Chile, June 2010.

Chat “Project Region of O´Higgins Digital”, and “El Dirigible Renovado; its application in Communications, Security and Advertising”. Universidad de Verano, Rancagua 2007.

Chat “Science and Technology in the Contemporary World”, Universidad de Verano, Technologic Innovation Course, Rancagua 2007.

Chat “Cultural Identity: Aesthetics Mediation between Art”, Universidad de Verano, Rancagua 2007.

Seminar “Gaudí” main Works and styles. Universidad de Verano, Rancagua 2007.

Course of Risk Prevention. Asociación Chilena de Seguridad. November 2006.
Seminari “XML and the Gift of Ubiquity”, Macromedia User Group Chile, Santiago., August 15, 2006.

Courses of: “Leadership”, “Customer Assistance” and “Team Work”, Human Resources Ripley Company August, 2005.

Course “AutoCAD Advanced”. Microgeo, Santiago. April 2005.

Course “PHP and MySQL”. TCI Training, Santiago. May 2005.

Course “Communication Theory”. Universidad de Valparaíso. Viña del Mar, year 2001.

International Congress “Environmental and Sustainable Development 2002”, Universidad de Valparaíso. 28 to 31 de October, 2002.

Seminar “Enterpreneurship Capacity”, Univ. Federico Sta. María, 11 to 13 August, year 2000.

Seminar “Design and Quality”, Design School, Universidad de Valparaíso. Extension Center, October 21, 1999.